Governments have a responsibility to take all available measures to make sure children’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. When countries ratify the Convention, they agree to review their laws relating to children. This involves assessing their social services, legal, health and educational systems, as well as levels of funding for these services. Governments are then obliged to take all necessary steps to ensure that the minimum standards set by the Convention in these areas are being met. Read more


As Article 12 of CRC states about respecting the views of the child while making decisions that affect children, children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their opinions taken into account. CN works to help children get information that is important to their health and well-being. Read more

Survival and Development:

CN believes in rights to adequate food, shelter, clean water, formal education, primary health care, leisure and recreation, cultural activities and information about their rights are the resources, skills and contributions necessary for the survival and full development of the child. These rights require not only the existence of the means to fulfil the rights but also access to them. Thus CN carries out programs on Early Childhood Development (ECD), Early Grade Reading and child friendly teaching/learning targeting community schools of Nepal. Read more

Protecting Children from Online and Digital Risks and Abuse:

Online Child abuse is any type of child abuse that happens on the internet. It can happen across any device that’s connected to the web, like computers, tablets and mobiles phones. And it can happen anywhere online, including social media, text messages and messaging apps, emails, online chats, online gaming, and live-streaming sites. Online child abuse may be different types such as cyber bullying, emotional abuse, grooming, sexting, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation etc. It can have long-lasting effects on children which can lead to anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. Read more

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