Child Protection

Objective 1:

Combat neglect and various forms of violence against children 

  • Provide livelihood support program to parents
  • Initiate child fund
  • Conduct rescue operations
  • Operate surveys and researches
  • Organize capacity building trainings and orientations


Objective 2:

Strengthen civil society monitoring and constructive engagement to fulfill state accountability on child protection and development

  • Coordinate to prepare and submit civil society report to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child
  • Facilitate children for child-led reporting
  • Mass campaigns, meetings and rallies
  • National campaigns on Child Rights Promotion
  • Dialogues, public debate, talk programs and hearings
  • Create child-led delegation to express their concerns in local, regional and national level
  • Child-led Concerned Groups for Child Rights (CCGR)
  • Formation of consortia, networking
  • Child Rights Forum
  • Media capaign


Child Development

Objective 3:

Enhance child friendly environment in families, schools and communities.

  • School of Child Rights
  • ECD mothers group formation and mobilization
  • Infrastructure support in schools
  • Computer and IT Education
  • Out of School Program (OSP)
  • Vocation Trainings
  • Child Saving programs
  • Capacity building of local education stakeholders likes SMC, PTA, ECD facilitators and teachers
  • Life skill education to children
  • Non formal education
  • Conduct rural home-stay tourism program
  • Run income generating program to families
  • Establishment and running Child Development Centers (CDC)
  • Establish and run Nepal Charter School
  • Scholarship program
  • Compulsory School Enrolling Package (CSEP) to disadvantaged children
  • Urban poverty programs
  • Girl Child Health Program
  • Development, production and distribution of IEC materials
  • Involving children, youths and adolescents in awareness raising programs
  • Longest painting in the world on peace and child rights by children
  • Child Magazine
  • E-newsletters and magazines
  • Discussion Program on inclusive and quality education
  • Lobbying for promoting inclusive and quality education
  • Policy feedback on School Sector Reform Program (SSRP)
  • School and Community Library Support Program
  • School to School Partnership Program (SSPP)
  • Form and mobilize mothers' groups and cooperatives

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