A. Background/Introduction

Child Nepal is implementing Quality Education and Community Participation for Child Learning and Rights Project from the year 2012 in partnership with WeWorld Onlus
The overall objective of the project is to ensure quality education and child friendly environments in schools as per the School Structure Reform Plan (SSRP) while its specific objective of the project is to create good and effective management, child friendly teaching-learning environment in 11 schools of Sindhupalchok district. The project target to benefit more than 5000 children, 140 SMC/PTA/VEC members, 990 mothers of seven VDCs viz. Bhotechaur, Bansbari, Melamchi, Talamarang, Mahankal, Echok and Kuel of Sindhupalchok district. The project has the ultimate aim to contribute in achieving the goals and objectives of Education for All (EFA).

B. Activities Accomplished

Activity Title Date Report
NGO Coordination meeting Chautara, Sindhupalchok June 28, 2013  
Follow-up meeting of exposure visit June 21, 2013  
Longest Painting Event in Melamchi May 24, 2013  
Exposure Visit ot Model Child Friendly Schools of Parbat and Baglung May 1-3, 2013  
Child Club and Child Rights Training  April 20 to 22, 2013
Two days capacity building training to SMC/PTA members on Child Friendly School Management, Melamchi March 22-23, 2013
Creation and Strengthening of ECD mothers group in each of the 11 schools involved in the project Jan 2013  
Longest Painting event at Shree Terse Sec School, Talamarang Feb 26, 2013  
Purchase and supply Indoor and outdoor learning/playing materials and classroom setting materials for ECD in 11 schools    
Training of primary grade teachers on child friendly environment setting Feb 26, 2013
Organize one week Demonstration ECD facilitator training of 11 schools Dec 21-27, 2012
One day workshop in all targeted schools to prepare child friendly SIP and school code of conduct Dec 4-11, 2012  
Formation/meeting of Village Education Committee in eight villages Nov 5-9, 2012
Agreement of commitment between CN and Schools, Melamchi, Sindhupalchok Oct 12, 2012
DPAC Formation, Chautara, Sindhupalchok Oct 11, 2012
Frontline Staff Training Oct 2-4, 2012
Preliminary Feasibility Study, Jan 18-23, 2012  
Project Approval from Sindhupalchok DDC Mar 27, 2012  
Preliminary meeting with schools for LDS May 8-11, 2012  
LDS Photo taking and data collection of children June 3-17, 2012  

C. Planned for >>

  1. Training on child friendly school education
  2. Set-up incinerators in community schools
  3. Classroom set-up support to ECD and grade two
  4. Conduct research on early grade reading scores
  5. Training to child clubs on child rights and their participation for their own protection
  6. Scholarship support to needy children
  7. Capacity building training to ECD facilitators and teachers
  8. Mobilization of Village Education Committees for quality education
  9. Income generating programs to Mother groups

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