Better Future for Mothers and Children (BFMC) project of Child Nepal conducted a group session on Narrative Therapy for the mothers of the ECD children on 13th September, 2017. The therapy was introduced by Psychosocial Counselor, Ms. Rachana Gautam with an aim of making participants able to cope up with the day to day problems. The discussion was focused to separate participants from everyday problems and encourage them to rely on their own skills. Participatory approach was applied to make the session more effective and to make them come up with the problems and traumatic situations. The therapy was more accounted for positive personal change in the participants. The techniques to deal and cope with the problems were shred and discussed in the session which remained very helpful for them to realize positive attitude within themselves. Finally, the program was concluded with the sharing of feedbacks and suggestion from the participants. The program was supported by Planete Enfants and Develppement.